US & ex-US based Pharma Manufacturers

o   Product market potential

o   Competitive landscape review

o   Product launch strategies for

  • Generic
  • Brand
  • 505b2

o   Biosimilar market entry & access strategies

o   Rx to OTC switch

o   Product pull-through strategies

o   House generic/brand for generic strategies

o   Pricing to maximize stakeholder benefit

o   Injectible products and delivery systems

o   Packaging

  • Labeling
  • Efficiency
  • Packaging types and sizes

o   Contracting strategy

Contracting Strategy

o   Contract negotiations

o   Optimizing contract terms


Group Purchasing Organizations

o   GPO marketplace strategies

o   Contracting strategy

o   Drug and med/surg product background

o   Pull-through strategies

Organizational Integration

o   Assessing the opportunity

o   Strategy development

o   Road Map planning

o   Execution

Integrated Delivery Networks

o   GPO assessment & RFP management

o   Wholesaler assessment & RFP process

o   Contract optimization


o   Contracting strategy & generic source programs

o   Unique customer dynamics by class of trade

o   Pull through strategies